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Managing Yourself and Leading Others with Margaret Andrews

What’s the “best” way to lead others? The answer may surprise you. When it comes to leadership, there is no single best style, approach, or type. The basis for powerful, effective leadership comes from within. Leadership is an inside-out proposition that begins with understanding ourselves – a simple, straight-forward idea that is deceptively difficult to implement. And yet, the payoffs are great on both a personal and professional level.

In this powerful and thought-provoking 45-minute keynote, Margaret Andrews delivers insights developed from well-known and less-known leaders, research, history, philosophy, and psychology, and takes the audience through the ins and outs of effective leadership – and how to apply these insights to themselves. It turns out that we already know what great leadership looks like – and it’s not what most people expect.


Margaret Andrews is on a mission to improve the craft of leadership. 

Starting her career as a CPA in San Francisco, she has also served as a marketing executive, a long-time strategy consultant, the Executive Director of the MBA Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Associate Dean for Management Programs at Harvard University. 

She currently teaches courses and executive programs at Harvard University including Managing Yourself and Leading Others, the most popular professional development program at Harvard, as well as Leading with Emotional Intelligence, and Creativity and Innovation, among others. Margaret founded The MYLO Center, a private leadership development firm, and Higher Ed Associates, a firm devoted to improving leadership capabilities at colleges and universities.

Margaret has an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and did her graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


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Type of category: Monthly Chapter Meeting

Type of activity: Business Acumen

Date: April 4th, 2024

Hour: 6:30PM to 8:30PM

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Bryant University, Bello Center Grand Hall

1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI, 02917